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I had expected it and believed the reports, but it hurt all the same. I had had intercourse with German soldiers almost exclusively; but that gave223 me a much better opportunity for observing their conduct, which roused in me a deep sympathy for the poor, oppressed Belgian people. That was why I was so sorry to hear of the fall of Antwerp, although I was not discouraged. Right would triumph, and the day come when the Belgian nation would shake off the foreign yoke of tyranny, and repair in peace and prosperity, under the sagacious rule of their king, what barbarians destroyed and pulled down.

"We are neutrals!".
Near Herstal the Germans were crossing by the large bridge, which the Belgians had preserved to their own disadvantage..
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"In Alsace the French are near the Rhine."?
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"Get you gone, you brute!".
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I did not want to witness that second attack, and, after thanking the officer, resumed my journey along the canal-road to Li猫ge..

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"3. That everything that may appear hostile to the German army must be avoided with the utmost care.
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